I think diamond amour is way to op

You can call me crazy, but think about it say someone rushes to middle. At this point you might have chain but then you get rushed by a diamond guy and you really have no where left to run. I feel like if it was a bit more balanced like how it is on hypixel where we don’t completely have all diamond amour it could be a lot better. Because once you get that diamond amour you basically dominate the game.

3 Things:

  • This is a duplicate suggestion, use the :mag: feature before posting

  • You can counter diamond armor in numerous ways, namely punching them off the edge, and bridging directly to the player islands to break their treasure.

  • The Hive wants to be considered original, so taking features from Hypixel is not in their interest.


Then get to ems first. Don’t save up for chain or defense before you go there after defeating your partner. Just go straight there

I understand that hive has to be original, BUT even trying to run from a diamond guy is almost impossible because Most of the time they target players if they know that have better stuff. Also the strategy you provided does NOT always work. Also I’m sure that there a million other to make me t balanced without copying hypixel.

Still what if someone beats you over there. Chain vs diamond is still so unfair

Bow +diasword +pearls+w-tap and strafing beats dia armer. Also just bridge fight them

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I disagree sometimes having diamond Armor is not always good.Also The Hive dose not like copying other servers.

It’s Treasure Wars. This is not Survival Games where everyone have almost the same chance of fairness.

You must dominate in order to win. That’s why it’s called Treasure Wars not Treasure Games.


Then you must look at your strat and decide what to do to get there faster. Or improve your pvp skills greatly, pvp is pretty broke rn if you can pvp really good. Also, you have about 2 minutes and 20 seconds to get there before there’s enough ems for someone to get dia armor

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If they save up 20 ems they have rights to get diamond armor and next time bring a bow to kill them


I mean sure I can do that but just saying it encourages bow spam which is what I thought the hive developers didn’t want

Ahhh I’ll put my opinion on this,
If the hive decided to remove diamond armour, this would make it way more difficult on lesser-skilled players and non-pc ones. It is one of the few ways a player who is worse at the game can beat a player that is better at the game, now I don’t think making it iron boots and leggings than diamond helmet and diamond chestplate would be a bad idea. Solos games would be alot more lopsided if diamond armour didn’t exist. My advice for countering them would be 1. Take priority rushing anyone who has gone to mid, 2. Using a bow to kill them or try taking them out in a bridgefight, 3. If they play stubborn, just get it yourself, most of them aren’t smart enough to defend mid, 4. If neither of these work just jump behind them and pray you can combo them into the void.

tldr I think it somewhat needs to stay in some form so players who aren’t great at the game can win, maybe make it so it costs 24 or 28 emeralds? Make it so you can’t get it the first five minutes or something? I think it needs a nerf, but can’t be made ineffective.

Also if you want a more skill based game just play sg as stated above


A price increase would actually make it worse, as you wouldn’t be able to catch up to someone who has it. Maybe time restrictions could work, but that would make it too skill based imo(I wouldn’t be as likely to defeat people who build in a circle around every island in solos)


Lol no that is not why I put this on here I put this on here to say that treasure wars is totally unbalanced right now

We are giving you our thoughts because as stated, there are many ways to beat a Diamond Armor Player in TW

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I’m sorry but posting this was a complete waste of my time because none of you will listen to what I’m saying :man_facepalming:t2:

Let’s keep replies friendly, please! If you have nothing meaningful or constructive to add to the discussion then please keep it to yourself. :+1:t2:

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I completely agree. I play pro league clan vs clan treasure wars with all the best clans and the meta is just first to diamond armor then you have practically won. The best armor should be iron. Diamond gear only takes half a heat of damage from weapons like stone swords and one heart from a bow shot. Even diamond swords only do one heart of damage to diamond armor. This means you are one step away from invincible and it takes little to no skill. In solos tw tourneys diamond armor is even banned, meaning all the players in the tournament have came to an agreement that they will not purchase diamond armor. I feel diamond armor is unfair once you have it and the only counter to diamond armor is getting diamond armor your self but if the diamond armor player just camps mid with another teammate you can’t get any more emeralds and your fighting a losing battle you can’t get out of.


If you want a skill based game, play sg. TWars is more about strategy, with skill allowing you to do some strategies/win if you’re doing a slightly suboptimal strat imo. Also, bows and snowballs(no matter how annoying they are) counter dia armor.

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yeah I am the best sg player in the world, I am just doing tw more to prove my dominance on hive.

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