I need help at reporting a person

Hey, I need help at something. Can someone answer on how do I report someone for being toxic (or even if it is against the rules?) I have screenshots and they called my friend a bot and said we were bad at the game.

You can join the discord and report players there. They do need sufficient evidence in case you want to report someone else next time.


No, because /replay doesn’t apply for chat and because it is strictly just ign, region and abuse (no image)

You need proof on the forums to report chat toxicity. You can dm a Moderator here which should solve the case

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Join the hive discord server! and report the player, make sure u have the gamertag, Region and the reason why your reporting, such for example: cheating, teaming hacking etc. i hope this helps

Enter this format in the Hive Discord server in the reporting channel:
More Info

If you go onto the hive discord server and go to the section report-players you can use the pinned format or it is this
Gamertag: (example PickledPickle123)
Rule(s) Broken: (flying)
Region: (NA, EU, AS) choose only one of those
Comment: ( he was flying in my game and not listening to me when I ask him to stop) you can add proof here screenshot, video etc.


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