I need a Vpn to play on the Hive!

I have done an another post about the validate thing… Now i got to know that for me a vpn is required to play…so now i downloaded TunnerBear and can join the server…and i havent subscribed yet…so the free plan is 500mb so i used it 1 day and saved the rest…so just dont understand why a vpn is required ;/ (Pls Help!)

I recommend using common VPNs everyone know of.
Like nordVPN. Though it might be blocked on The Hive so you would need to contact support at [email protected] and explain them how you need a VPN to join The Hive. They would individually unblock the VPN for you.
I don’t think nord has a limit on how much you can use it, and it also has free servers so you wouldn’t have a problem.
if any questions remain, feel free to reply.


What device are you using?

Similar to what toast said, feel free to explain your situation to our support team at [email protected] and they will be able to help you further :slight_smile:

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ok thanks!