I need a few questions answered about things relating to hive, will someone answer them?

I have a few questions that have to do with the hive and I didn’t know any other place I could ask, I might give away a few things in this forum that I didn’t wanna share but it might help to give a few details when asking questions so it doesn’t seem like I’m asking them for no reason!

  1. Is there a way to report Hackers, Cheaters, ETC. other than discord?

  2. I once got kicked off of the hive discord, maybe 3 weeks ago and I personally currently don’t believe I deserve to get back on them right now but for future references is there a way I can earn it back?

  3. What do I do if I feel unwanted by the someone on the server and can’t get over the feeling?

  4. how do you make the npc teleportation things in the hive server, I’m making my own server and couldn’t find away so I had to ask!

  5. is there a way I can find more rules for the server other than the basic ones on the java forums that has basics, I really don’t want to get myself in trouble for things a didn’t know were against rules!

those are my questions, if you can’t answer then its fine I just didn’t know any other way to ask and I only asked a few questions, I hope I don’t get in trouble for this topic cause I mentioned something in this that I’ve been avoiding in conversation scared of getting in trouble!

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  1. Not really, Discord is the best place to report.

  2. Sorry that you feel that way, can you try to re-connect even despite your unwelcomed feeling?

  3. Just hope there’s someone who will make you feel welcomed to the server, like me.

  4. You’ll have to ask a moderator or admin about that.

  5. Don’t use skins that are too big, too small, nude, or offensive (having skins that don’t show armor or appear small are disallowed), don’t hide under islands or hide above the map in Treasure Wars, don’t use hacks or clients, and be nice in the chat (no swearing, racist, homosexual, or other types of vulgarity).


I’ve already tried to reconnect on the account I got kicked and discord wouldn’t let me, I made another account a while back and tried, I got into the server but I couldn’t link my minecraft account with it because it was linked to the other account meaning I can only look at chat! I tried just sending reports to a admin, that didn’t turn out ok. so I’m kinda lost in this subject, that question (2) was ment to be answered by a admin because I had already tried and couldn’t. thanks for answering though SilentLattice31, I wasn’t sure when or if someone would answer.

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  1. You can report the rule-breaker via Microsoft’s in-game reporting system.

  2. Have you tried joining back the server? discord.gg/hive

  3. Don’t think about them, then. Ignore the problems and move on with your daily life and have fun in The Hive!

  4. I am not a coding genius, try asking an Admin or Hive Developer about that.

  5. Think about the basic rules every server would have. Then, stick to those rules. That’s what I do.

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Hey, after some time looking around, I found the official rules on the official Hive website!


I am glad tat you found those, so thank you! though I’ve already seen those and I thought that is just common sense, I want to know a few specific rules but I’ll save those for another forum. I have already tried rejoining the discord more details on that in the response I gave to SilentLattic31. Thanks for responding, this is why I like the hive community. Everyone’s so nice, except teamers and hackers. Thanks!


It’s definitely nice to have you around. :blush:


thanks! makes me happy to know you appreciate me joining! I like having you around to! I joined cause this my only way at school to communicate with online people, :slight_smile:


You can still report on forums tho

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forum reports aren’t official, their not really counted like with java. I’ve reported here a few times but then someone else brought it to hive discord for me. so ya forums do work

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