I might be gone for a couple of days

hi everyone in a couple days its gonna be my Birthday and on my birthday we are going to go camping so i might not be active for a day or 2 i just wanted 2 tell you guys this and i hope you have a great day :cubee:


Have a good time camping frosty😄 and happy birthday🥳


on saturday it’s going to be my birthday but thanks :smiley:

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happy early birthday and have a good time camping frosty btw im not gonna be that active either have some family stuff going on :+1: but happy bday :partying_face:

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Hope you have fun happy Early birthday

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you don’t need to make a thread to announce 2 days of absence. .

but have fun and hbd


Agreed, I literally announced leaving for two days in Predict The Next Person lol. Anyways, I hope you enjoy your break!

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You don’t need to add your opinion either :confused::+1: have a good day tho

this was my first time doing something like this on the forum’s so i didn’t know what i was supposed to do and i agree with you have a great day :cubee:

it’s fine man, you just want to not spam the forums or anything

hbd and have fun tho

not meant to be, just reasonable advice.


Happy early birthday!

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Have fun on your trip!

Ok in the future (don’t worry I’m not targeting you Frosty), lets please not create a topic mentioning that you will be gone for a day, week, or month. It realistically only makes sense for a long period of time such as accouple months, years, or forever. And then if you do decide to come back after “leaving” don’t make a new topic…just update forumers in your original topic.

i know i already talked to someone about this so it’s fine