I made a tier list for the shop

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Sorry about semi bumping here’s mine

Move stone axe to d tier in your mind

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This is how I feel it, when I have these items, if someone else has these items, D is my favourite, and S is worst :joy:

S is for the best and D for worst

Diamond armor isnt needed.

Nice tier list, but remember not to necro.

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this is literally the point of the thread, necroing allowed here if it’s regarding this


Who flagged this and why is it flagged? It doesn’t break any rules.

And here
(sorry for double posting but I’m actually replying to separate things, just that Discourse does not show that)

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Fair enough.
Here is my tier list:

I’m too lazy to screenshot it lmao

Why on Earth is iron armor S tier. And my boy compass at D? Wack. Marginally better armor for 32 diamonds is a joke, come on man

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iron armor at S???

Is that wool at B??

Axes at D???

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I made a version or treasure wars Mega:

Don’t question my opinion.

I mean, the thing is that you could spend your time getting iron armor going to ems to get dia armor

I mean if u have cross teamers hogging mid, then iron armour sorta helps lol

I revised my tier list and edited it.
The tier list now looks like this:

ok so

bow is good, arrow is not

diamond armor as good as iron?

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Just because Diamond Armour is in front of Iron Armour doesn’t mean that it’s better, I just put everything in each tier and the items are in random places.

he said that @HolyPotato263.

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