I made a tier list for the shop

About 2 weeks ago I made a tier list for treasure wars anyone can try, you have to sort the items you can buy from best to worst.
You can try it here
Would really like to see how you sort them.
This is how I ranked them:


Why did you put endstone at the bottom? Not to mention both the pickaxes and swords on the same tier.

Honestly, this makes more sense for me:

Autobridgers can place blocks on top of players and give you the upper hand. Endstone allows you to stop those who lack a pickaxe which also explains the iron pickaxe being on the same tier. Axes share bottom tier for not having a real use. Concrete and the stone sword take the bottom tier for the sword being weak, and concrete because it’s the weakest “pickaxe only” block. Bows can also be used to knock others off bridges, and I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen people bow spamming before.

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  • I know that and that is the reason I put the bridger on top
  • Endstone is not worth its price
  • Diamond armor is too expensive
  • Wool is the best
  • Diorite breaks faster than concrete while having a higher price
  • I don’t feel like the iron pick is worth it, unless you have like 20 diamonds
  • Iron sword has the reason
  • A stone sword is not that bad tbh
  • Arrows are so expensive that is why they are low
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^^^This is my version of it^^^


Nice! I love what you did there!
Here’s mine btw:

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Why is diorite so high up when its worse then concrete and costs more.

Don’t axe questions.


Lol, I love it :laughing:

I already used that joke up kai smh

I recently updated the tier list to add the new items and changed my minds on some item ratings, but unfortunately I can’t remove the diorite to replace it with andesite, just imagine it is andesite. Here is the link if you want it again.
If you’re curious about my new thoughts on the items, here they are.


what do you mean? this takes to the same link, just send the picture here

Here is mine :


Not sure why people are putting the weakest armor and sword available at the top.

:man_facepalming: it’s not based on the strongest armor and items

Still, I don’t know why they typically put those items at the top anyways.

Easier to get the gold for than emeralds for diamond

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I said on the website that you rank them by price and usefulness @SilentLattice31

Stone sword
Price : Easy to get gold
Usefulness : Very useful for Killing People with a cheap sword

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When I look at diamond gear, while they are pretty expensive and require visiting the middle, they’re worth every last emerald since diamond armor is a big upgrade from chain armor.

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