I have lost my skill

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m an above average player. Well… Used to be.
For the many hours of competing against below average players has drastically lowered my skill level.

No. This is NOT an exaggeration. When playing with people who are around my skill level it seems as though I’ve lost the ability to defend myself.
I fear that I know the reason why. Like the Great Bane once said:

Peace has cost you your strength. Victory has defeated you.“

The Peaceful nature of not needing to try in order to beat the ‘newbies’ has cost me my skill and decision making.

The endless Victory’s have higher skill based players now defeating me. :skull_and_crossbones:

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i know right, this is why i play sumo. if you want to get good, don’t slack off if you have time. try to improve your pvp, and if you can’t find any good players, try to challenge yourself using methods like not using swords or not using armor. i stopped playing for around 4 days and now i can’t aim. after sumoing i’ve gotten better though


Yeah playing on a potpvp server might help you not have this issue


Don’t sumo without a full party dude. You could get banned for teaming if you do it in a non-full party


i think i have the wrong definition of sumo because i dont understand why

you get 8 players in a party and u build a platform at mid and sumo


oh i understand now
guessing it could be called skybasing without a full party?

Nah, it’s more like building a flat arena to boost self-confidence

(For legal reasons that’s a joke)


for me it decreases my confidence. WHY AM I SO BAD

You should keep practicing with players who are better than you. I wrote a forum about this, so you should check it out.

XD That is kinda true tho

Exactly, you will try harder to do better and become as good as them

my aim is just wack tbh


It happens to everybody

Don’t play Bedrock Minecraft more than Java Minecraft it would drain your skills out trust me been there.

I recommend only playing 5 Games of BedrockPVP every day and practice your Java Minecraft PVP Skills

Along with PVP Techniques
-W Tap

  • A D Tap
    -Jitter or Butterfly clicking

Along with your aim use your arm for aiming not your hand