I have decided to become the ultimate madlad


you heard me right

I will become the ultimate madlad

but how, you may ask?

I will become the first person in the history of the forums to get the Devotee Badge.

wish me luck


That’s such a big lie.

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I meant in the history of the forums

Yeah @thegamingtoyyt and I will beat you to it


whats ur streak so far

How do I check? I know it’s longer than yours because I joined before you and as far as I know I didn’t miss any days any time recently. If I didn’t miss any days in October, November or December, I should get it between June 23rd and July 23rd.
Edit: Can someone on pc check if they can see which day in October I got this or is it just impossible?https://forum.playhive.com/badges/46/aficionado
I scrolled down in my notifications, it was October 9th when I got the 100 days one.

So according to my calculations I will get it on June 30th or July 1st if I don’t miss anything.

You started logging in daily on 9 January sooo.


@BlueSlimeMC you could beat them on getting this badge.

I am going for the 100 day one.
And @HolyPotato263 I said you just got aficionado badge so it will take a long time before you get devotee badge.
I say at least 5 other people will get it before you.


oh no

I guess I could be like the 3rd to get it if you guys don’t miss a day

Also @ThanPixel will get it before you

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you dont have to ping people when you want to mention them you know

if pixel doesn’t want to get involved with this thread that’s an unnecessary notification


Tbh I’ll probably screw up pretty soon, but I’m not super far away from getting it either, then I’ll take a break

Honestly there’s very little for me to do so I’ll probably still be here because I’m bored but I’m not sure.


What if you get hurt and go into the hospital,
Or go on vacation?

Also even if I get hurt I will find a way, even if I have to write with my toes. Lol last week I was playing minecraft with 1 hand.


How ? xd

My calculations were right, surprisingly.

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yes they were

ggs slime