I have a Skywars question

So I was playing a Skywars solos round on Baroque and there was a person building a bridge, so I threw a snowball at them. I hit them, but they didn’t move. I know I hit them. They like, absorbed the hit.
Is that a glitch?

Either they’re lagging, they’re hacking, or he did something to reduce kb

OR the game is just being stupid

if you have replay, try and look at the recording and see if not, then idk

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Either the person was hacking, laggy or it was the angle you hit them. Do you have the replay ID?

Lol we said the same thing without knowing

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I’ll look at it.
I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the angle, it was the normal angle I usually shoot from. (Off to the side; hard to explain) and I don’t think they’re lagging, they were fine building weren’t lagging at all.

can you send me replay ID?
Bruh i just said nearly the same thing without knowing

I can’t rn but later. How do I send videos???

you cant i think, You can only send photos. just send the replay id here if you have it
also this should be on help me so maybe change it

I think that’s the replay ID
Also skip forward to like 2:10 and then go to the magenta island (I think) and then watch what happened. I’m the one in full diamond

oh ok thanks.

Were u able to watch it

im at school rn

I can watch it rn let me check it out…

Edit: no the guy’s definitely hacking. I’ve never seen someone walk backwards that fast, he took no kb when you were melee fight with him and I’m pretty sure he hit u from 6 blocks away.
I think u should report him in the hive discord server

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Ok, thanks.

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