I found a hacker while playing Murder Mystery

Well, hive’s anti-cheating or modration staffs didn’t notice this I think. While I playing MM, the hacker lilterly just go through the walls, and when the murderer hit that hacker, well, I guess you already thinked about that: he is invincible, which the murderer can’t kill that guy. And also in TW, players just using auto-clickers to defeat players, and the player that hit by the auto clicker user cannot even hit him.
But I am not saying that hive is not good or anything, just improve the anti-cheat or something a bit better.

Hey there!

Sorry that you have to experience this. The team is always trying their best to improve the anticheat and do work on it every day to improve the experience while playing. Unfortunately, the reality of being one of the biggest bedrock servers out there; there’s also dedicated clients working on to bypass the specific anticheat checks making it a never-ending battle. Rest assured the moderation team is also working hard on handling reports and overall trying their best on improving.

If you do encounter a rule breaker in game, always feel free to report them on the Discord server (here) with their username and it will be looked into!

Have a great day / night! :slightly_smiling_face:


Cheat n lose