I finally Got 1st Place In A Survival Games Tournament

Swimfan72: 33 points, 2 wins, 4 top 4’s, 13 kills
EpicArcher: 26 points, 2 wins, 3 top 4’s, 9 kills
kpin: 25 points, 1 win, 4 top 4’s, 9 kills
frostypay: 24 points, 3 top 4’s, 15 kills
champion: 16 points, 2 top 4’s, 10 kills
archxmikka: 13 points, 1 top 4, 10 kills
elisp: 12 points, 1 top 4, 9 kills
didon/elf: 8 points, 8 kills
poland: 7 points, 1 top 4, 4 kills
sparingprince: 4 points, 4 kills
bigtiny/trrevino: 3 points, 3 kills
sam/yeet/weebex: 0 points
GGs join my discord server

I thought you could not advertise a discord?
It’s not like I’m now in that discord or anything lol.

Forums seems different than the discord on that, pretty sure it is fine.


its alright the invite link doesnt work anyways


I have no idea, the way it formats it instead of just a link tho seems to make it appear that it is allowed.

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Here is the link to the server it was hosted in https://discord.gg/PbV2pyd

GGs, I could have won but I kinda choked, good job.


I would have probably gotten like 1-2 points lol, I’m finally at a point where I’m not garbage so thats a cool feeling to have


also can you fix the discord invite link pls?

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