I feel like cobwebs are useless

Do you ever feel like you are in a game of survival games and try to use cobwebs as an advantage, but it completely messes you up?
I quite think they should be removed. They are unreliable and glitch out half of the time.
-When you try and place them in front they place behind the enemy player some of the time
-the rest of the time just disappear
-there’s that very small sliver of the time were they actually work.

overall I just strongly dislike cobwebs

-but I mean, that’s just my opinion.

What do you all think though?

I personally think they are useful if you don’t have eggs or snowballs. If you can hotkey you can get someone stuck in them so they can’t run. Also you can use them to not take fall damage when your up high


I am fine with them.
They are extremely useful when someone chases you, just put a few cobwebs on him so he can’t reach you.
Also they are useful to immobilize the enemy and hit him while killing him.
I don’t think they should be removed and many players uses them every game.


cobweb good


cobweb clutch? if you don’t wanna take fall dmg you cobweb clutch


like farming ez

what do you mean? could you elaborate?

unless youre living on 1980 internet cobwebs can trap people


I mean I guess, It’s just quite unreliable.


its very reliable

it’s reliable, you just need to make sure you have a bow with a ton or arrows or be able to jumpstrafe, otherwise you might die

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I kindly disagree. I use them all of the time to block doorways and I can quickly kill the person I trap. I do not think these should leave the game.

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