I didn't get the rocky pet even tho I logged on April fools

So I just found out that you get rewarded the rocky pet if you were to login on April fools however I did login on April fools I have a login streak of 260+ but I didn’t get the rocky pet is there away I can still get it because I’m assuming that i was meant to get it too because I logged on at April fools.

It started on April, 1st evening and you might have joined not in time

Oh I probably logged on too early in the morning for it then that’s a shame but thankyou I just wanted too know.

Omg thank you for reminding me to refresh my log in streak

So yes, you must’ve logged on too early in the morning!
You could have obtained the Rock pet from April 1 - April 2nd 6:00am GMT

Heyo! The rock pet was available on April 1st as an April Fools thing, but I do not know the exact timing to get it. If you logged in that day, I’m pretty sure you should have gotten the rock. I would suggest you email our support team, and they can further assist you! ( https://support.playhive.com/ )

Best of luck and welcome to the Forums! :smile: