I Cant get a Duo in Treasure Wars

I have played 10 consecutive games and I havent got a duo. Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks :slight_smile:
Edit: thanks for all the replies xD

This is most probably because the game isnt full and you dont have a party.

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I would either get a party so you don’t solo queue with some random that doesn’t know how to play the game or play solo where you don’t have to worry about having teammates.


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Sorry but most solo queuing teammates aren’t good and are usually afk

50 percent of my friends are randoms

no need to say sorry its just a joke

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You shouldn’t expect any promises from duos fill

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Happening in 10 consecutive games? Would have to be pretty unlucky if I ask me

I would say lucky but luck is subjective.


Me: on same team as 2 AFKs twice in a row
Also me on game 2: leaves.

thanks and yeah all my random teammaes are bad lol :slight_smile:

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When are they not xD

i know right lolllll xD.