I am Muted but not muted

So in early December my chat started to not show up on other players screens and I was confused why.

  1. I am not a toxic player. I tell people their bad if they are hacking and I still roll them
  2. It is not a Hive mute because I don’t when I try to chat it doesn’t say “you have been muted for 2 days” or something
    It is not a problem with my account or a restriction on chat because of “age” because I am 14 and also my chat has been working all year before this
    Can someone please tell me what to do? because I cannot chat with my friends on Hive.

This may be a bug

This would likely be a communication suspension, even if you aren’t toxic or rude some messages can still get flagged, especially if you are saying “gg” or something such as that at the end of every game. Do note that these are issued by Microsoft, active on every featured server, and therefore out if the Hive’s control.

The only way to lift the suspension is by saying kind things in chat, and to avoid another suspension in the future try to avoid using abbreviations and sending the same message back to back (if you say good game at the end of every game, make sure you have some messages in between) More information on the link above, hope this helps :blobheart:


I can receive them its other people not receiving mine

So I need to say different stuff in chat
Good Game
Your Good
That was Fun
Stuff like that and Microsoft will track my messages and My chat will eventually work again

Yep! You can always just say kind stuff in general, which will help increase your reputation. Even if players are unable to see your chat Microsoft still tracks every message you send =)


yeah just be careful not to spam, say different nice things. continuously if you want, but don’t spam the same message or you’re gonna make it worse

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Yah I dont spam

Alright tysm for the help