I added a snowman pet to the hive

so lewis doesnt get mad, this isnt actually in the game

so i was scrolling through the forums and found this post.

i knew i could add it, so i did.

(heres a video of it)[cubee - YouTube]


let me know if you have any suggestions!

also sorry guys im not going to say how i retexture and change the geometry for these. if a staff wants to get into contact with me, i can tell them how.

i have no plans on releasing this unfortunately for reasons i am only willing to discuss with staff.



i want this now lol

Whoa, that’s really cool! How did you make that?


That’s so cool. Also @Akricap, I think he re-textured a Endolotl or Cubee to the snowman

this post above ^^^

Yeah, I saw the video and knew that, but I was wondering how you were able to replace a different pet texture and put it in the game.

“Most people looking at snowman”

Me: “thinking about how is pc is melting from those shaders”


in the past, i also change the rock to an among us


lol, my fps is fine actually

I can’t even get 100 fps without shaders……

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i have a pretty beefy pc, so. plus im not using rtx for this ive just edited the games built in shader so im just getting my reg fps

BlockBench is cool!

Why would Lewis get mad?

Someone once said they saw a blue CuBee from a dev, he probably wanted to clarify that this isn’t new for people who didn’t know

yeah that was one of my friends

I like it :+1:

How did you get the files from the hive to retexture it?

who is lewis?

Splodger is Lewis

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sry im new to forums who is that :man_facepalming: