Hub Title Suggestions

In this topic, be creative!

It’s quite simple and goes like this:

Make up a name for a hub title and explain how you would obtain it. It could vary from reaching a new level in a new game, completing quests, buying a new costume you make up, or just a random thing, like jumping 1000 times!

I know that people have talked about certain hub title suggestions, but not something like this, so this can’t be dupe. If this is, then these forums are insane because I searched for a half an hour.

Make sure to like the hub titles you agree with!

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rich boi
how to obtain:spend 10k questpoints overall

king of the waves: level 99 wars

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I already addressed that in the first post. I was going to change it but forgot :P. Just ignore the vote button.

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The Dizzy, for spinning in a circle 1000 times in the lobby.


Lvl 35 skyways-sky guy

fluffy rock - entire inventory filled with andesite


Hug me please- start a cs but your the only one in it

Bee Below - If you’re lucky, you can glitch through the floor because of a weird glitch that happens when you join a lobby or hub.


Saint bees
give someone a gift
(colour >Saint is black >Bees is red)

Get a life. - play 500 games in one day

Epic Gamer

Win 30 games in a row.


I am a hacker

You must hack to get this hubtitle

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Yeah, you get the hubtite but when you put it on, you get banned for being a hacker.


Heathy relationship

Be friends with a HIVE staff

dude that’s a bad idea

The deadly

Be the kill leader at the end of a skywars game and still be aliave