Hub title idea “Noice”

The idea is simple by joining the hive on June 9th (6/9) they get a hub title called “Noice”


Players who first join the server anytime during June 9th would be pretty confused why they have the hub title lmao


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This suggestion is half joking :upside_down_face: and half being serious :face_with_monocle:

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This could be good, but they would need to be some what of a way to get it. Maybe you join or get it by doing something in a certain game mode

Do the Hive give it every year thats 6/9 or it has a year specific date?

How you would get it is on any day of the year, log on the HIVE (like they did for their birthday but you can do it any year)

I feel like this would be a little unnecessary since there is already the hub title “nice” for reaching level 69 in skywars (yes I know this is a high level, but it is still obtainable)

Keep in mind this was before the SkyWars update :wink:
also, that was quite a big bump…

Oh I didn’t see lol