Hub Parkour Teleporter

Like in the arcade, The Hive should add a parkour teleporter in the Hive normal hub.

It would be cool but there is no point because there are only 2 parkours.

You can vote your own suggestion! Also yeah its only 2 parkours so kinda useless. Maybe have timers and the checkpoints? Feel free to edit your post.

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Ye, it might also be confusing for new players who don’t understand this and just want to play games.

I think it’s kind of pointless, because one is right in front of spawn and you need to explore the hub to find the other so you get to appreciate the build team

And even then the other one is easy to find

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It’d be cool if the Hive builders built more parkours in the main hub. Then (like I said in my last one), they could add the teleporters.

3* theres the main parkour “hardcore parkour” and the “kangoroo parkour”

There’s 3.

No, theres 2. Three hub titles but its two parkours. The third one you guys are thinking of is only able to get to by completing the main one so its a continuation of it.

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