Hub mini game

there should be a game in hub .like arena war and decked out (small games)and completeing it should give qp.and also games like nemo slap should also give qp
cuz its hard to grind

Doubt that hives gonna steal a game from hermitcraft

Other ideas seem ok ig

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Nemo Slap is just a cute game. I enjoy how there are no “winners or losers” and I’m sure the Hive is working on more mini games for the future :slight_smile:

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Nemo slap is an ironically goated game, I would love more games like it. “Tag” could be a fun one, another fun one could be “Laser Tag” (with zappers obv), a third could be “dodgeball” (with snowballs (ik its similar to groundwars but this could be a ffa or a different thing than gw). Anyways, cant wait to see what hub games get added next!

Can you please elaborate on these games?
What is arena war?
Is it really small enough to be a hub game?
Would decked out be ripped straight from hermitcraft or would some changes be made?
Reminder, this is a minigames server.

Also, please refrain from making list posts, so that the hive moderators know what we’re voting for.

You can edit your posts with the pencil icon at the top right of the post.

Decked out is a very detailed game that the hive definitely couldn’t add as a hub game, nor without permission from Tango Tek

I swear arena war is just a game on another server

(also apparently grian invented tnt run, nothing to do with this really, just a fun fact)