Hub/Hive Themed Map

Yes this could work in Skywars but Treasure Wars is better

Anyway, you people see lots of maps in minigames. But there are no maps based off of other minigames. (A suggestion for a tw map in hns was made but hasn’t yet been implemented)

How about this? A map based off all the minigames. And the hub included.

The eight outer islands would represent each minigame and LTM, with the exception of Treasure Wars, because this is a tw map. Snow Wars and Ground Wars would be one island.

The islands with diamonds would be combinations of their neighboring spawn islands.

The middle island would be based off of the hub. Spring hub.

Vote if you think this is a good idea, because this is a good idea.

Honestly, this is a very good idea, and it would be cool to have a hive hub themed map. Though, i do not think the hive team would add this.
Edit: wait uh actually i thought about this idea wrong and i don’t really like it much anymore

I wouldn’t want a map where all 8 of the team islands were different, and I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that.


Different islands for each team may not be too good, maybe the area where u can walk is the same, and the inaccesible area above u could be represented. Also, representing the colours could be wrong.
But this is an interesting concept.

I mean, the buildings have an effect on gameplay too, so they should also be the same, just different colors. Otherwise some islands would be a better spawn than others, giving some players an advantage. The current model for how everything is set up is to prevent confusion and to ensure fairness.

I honestly don’t like the idea of having a different palette for each island either. Especially if the color of the team isn’t shown on the island, or hard to tell apart from the rest of it.

All the islands could have the same geometry but have different block palettes