How u get on hive sign?

how u get on the sign of hive???

You need to be teleported by a member of the staff team. It doesn’t happen very often.

bruh has it happened to u?

No it hasn’t yet. I hope one day it will.

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Do u have to ask also when u said u could get on sign I thought u meant there was like parkour or something to get to it

What is it, I never heard of it.

What exactly do you mean by that?

Sadly, there isn’t. maybe in the future there will be.

ok thx for telling me have a great day :grinning:

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No, Hive ranks only teleport people as they please, do not beg for them to teleport you as that is annoying and won’t get you nowhere

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if u ask once will they get mad? And also how do u know if someone who can tp is in hub

They won’t get mad, but it will just look like you’re needy

Iirc only people with Hive rank can tp freely. You’ll probably see them since their names are pretty easy to spot

I don´t know any hive peoples name so would they have VIP rank?

So you play hive six hours a day and don’t know how to distinguish staff?

well I don’t spend much time in the hub so… no :grimacing:
also can you just tell me
Everyone in the link above and a few more have the hive rank. VIP people can’t teleport, only the people listed here. As I said, you’ll see them flying around or a lot of other people in the hub

I’m pretty sure mods could tp people as well​:thinking::thinking::thinking:
Hive rank for sure tho

Well they also have a yellow tag next to their name