How to take off cape in death run?

So, I really like the founders cape and I want to know how to take off the hive’s cape in death run and put it back on. I really want to know.

sadly there isn’t an option to disable it in the locker

But I’ve seen people take it off!

You don’t get access to capes for the first few levels, so that’s why. Sorry :pensive:

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Thx for your support you are great!!

I don’t need this thread anymore I found it out. Close it plz

Just adding a few things :slight_smile:
You can disable the cape if you have one equipped :
1- Global Unlocks > Costume > Disable
2- Global Unlocks > Costume > {Name of the costumes you had before /1/ }


Im pretty sure you automatically have the portal cape on level 0.

You can disable it like Ptitjoueur said, if it wasn’t clear:

  1. While waiting for the DR game to start type /costume in chat.
  2. Click on a costume, the costume will overwrite the cape.
  3. (Optional) type /costume again and switch back to your original skin and it won’t have the cape.

You have to do this every game though if you want to play without a cape @Epikgamr.


Thank you. Both of you
Were helpful

All of you were pretty helpful

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The ability to disable unlocks in Deathrun is something we plan on adding in the future.

Locking this thread as the question has been answered :slight_smile: