How to revamp the checkpoint system

So this is something I thought about because recently there has been a map hole being exploited in the map western with people getting under 40 seconds (mind you on this map under 1 minute is impossible legitimately), so there are a few things that would solve this, 1 has already been suggested but will also be implemented here, which is this by SirUntouchable that should be added with some albeit slightly more lax times. My solution to add with this is a checkpoint check system so if you have under 2/3 of the checkpoints registered you would be flagged by the anticheat, here is a deployment method

If player gets lower than boundary time, then player is immediately kicked and reported to the admins, if player does this repeatedly they would have a ban,


If player gets less then 2/3rds checkpoints in one map, start tallying up
If player gets 2/3rds of games in a playing session that do this, they will be kicked
If player fails the checkpoint requirements in 2 games in a row and gets near boundary times both times, they will be kicked and reported

Obviously this isn’t perfect, but this would make hackers be more of a non-factor and not cost players wins.

i really like this idea, but half of the checkpoints on school map r broken and i dont really wanna get banned lol


Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend this idea right now.

  • The school checkpoints are broken
  • Bad ping may make the checkpoints broken
  • If you leap right before a checkpoint, all the speed you gained will make you not register the checkpoint.

Well good thing the deathrun update isn’t coming soon by any definition (I reallly hope I’m wrong).

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Yeah I honestly think just adding the boundary times might be the best way to go

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This is a good idea, but they need to get checkpoints working better first or at the same time, like @Ptitjoueur123 said


Like that one school one that seems to always be bugged