How to Play in Tournaments!

Some of you may be wondering where all these high level players are playing against each other in tournaments. Well no worries, I got you. Welcome to the Hoard, the biggest hive tournament server the hive community has to offer.

What the Hoard has to offer:

  • Cash Prize Treasure Wars Tournaments
  • Survival Games Tournaments
  • Sumo Tournaments
  • Clan/Swarm Representation
  • Text chats to find and play with new people
  • Voice chats to talk with friends and talk with new people
  • An around the clock staff team

So what are you waiting for? Click the discord link below to join 300+ other members in an experience you probably don’t want to miss!

Hoard Join Link:

If you need any help getting around the discord, simply message me on discord. My discord tag is kPin#2875

EDIT: 1200+ Members :slight_smile:
EDIT 2: New Link


Obviously this is the most underrated community. its not clickbait ok?

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It’s in fact the greatest community ever created.

would join if i was able to play bedrock. seems nice

You should play bedrock, really fun

He does have bedrock, but he cant play it cuz the version he plays on got dropped

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what does that mean??

Support for version 1.12 (Bedrock edition) is no longer available on The Hive

You can now only play on 1.13+

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oh i never knew that, in what way is it fun tho?

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Playing the game casually might not be as fun, but in the Hoard, it is way more fun because you get to play with other people you never played with before and also get to play in tournaments!

that was sarcasm lol

and yes ive played ranked bedwars its very fun

Imagine how dead ranked treasure wars would be lmao

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if its an unofficial discord it would be alive enough prob

bridge gets 500 avg players and the ranked bridge discord queued quite a lot

wait. ranked bridge? WHERE???

you got discord? its an unofficial dc server

its also a group of elite players that care too much about their elo so idk if youll feel right there

yeah i got discord, and I don’t really care about whether I’ll lose or not I just wanna try lol

whats your disc

yhiwbagah #5879

I made this forum post almost 3 months ago. This server now has over 1100 members. Insane. Get my link to 100 clicks lol

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The Hoard has grown like crazy ngl, congratz @Big_Tiny1234 for all the work you’ve put in, your community is insane