How to make empty item frames (Large Item Frame texture)!

In the following image you will see two normal item frames with maps and two item frames with maps, but it’s empty:

To make an Map Item Frame, press [RClick], [LT] or [ZL] to reveal it, then, put it on the item frame.
To make a Large Item Frame (empty), you will need to be really quick. You will have to reveal the map and in the last 0,5 seconds before the map is trully revealed, place it at the item frame.


You just need to create a map somewhere and not load it (that just requires you to not hold it in your hand)

anyways why would anyone want this? it looks ugly

if it looks ugly then you don’t reply

and people might want to use this. don’t say “why would anyone want” because they will see it and give a reason

its supposed to be a rhetorical questipn