How to increase FPS on android

I need help cause my FPS on my phone when I play is very low so if you now how to increase FPS ob android help me I’m on newest version btw

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Turn off fancy graphics, beautiful skies, and smooth lightning; turn render distance to the lowest it can be


Don’t do this, it’s not a hive question.


I want beautiful skies at least I can turn off the others thanks

get a pvp texture pack, it boosts fps

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turn off v-sync so minecraft will play at an unlimited frame rate so the framerate won’t be locked to your refresh rate

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Where do I find the v sync thing

What do I think I use lmao

pvp texture packs are placebo lol, they don’t actually increase FPS


beautiful skies is actually one of the biggest things that will decrease ur fps lol, turn it off

Ok thanks unikern hope it works

turn on all the fancy graphics stuff and i use a pvp texture pack, the pvp pack increase like 5 fps but its a difference

Turn on? It will make it more laggy

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it’s literally placebo bro

also turning on fancy graphics will decrease your frames

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I think most PvP texture packs don’t boost FPS but some do by doing a few things, like not showing a texture for water.

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Try to turn off graphic options (screen animations, smooth lightning… ) and short render distance and dont use texture packs of 64x64+

I use 16x pack that made by my friend and I will also turn off those settings thanks

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