How to Git Gud at Skywars

I can’t :joy::weary: I suck at skywars.

All I can recommend is practice.

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Yeahp just experience. I found it kinda thrilling being chased then use blocks to while running. Then rage after getting killed then laugh like a maniac

  1. Click fast, try to get 6-20 CPS
  2. Aim good, and aim for the legs to combo
  3. Learn to use snowballs and other projectiles
  4. Learn how to MJ bridge
  5. Practice all the things listed

That’s how to get good

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First of all you want to check your neighbors. I would recommend you side rush them if theyre a low level. Now if theyre a high level rush mid, Once you looted mid IMEDIETLEY go to a semi island so you dont get killed. Once your last player standing inspect your enemy. You would be lucky if the enemy is camping with under geared armour or afk, but if he is stacked try to knock him off.


Unikern’s Guide To Improving at PVP

No you need to aim paralell to the ground, so about on your opponents chest.

This is to maximise reach.

I didn’t say to start a combo, I just said to combo