How to get yt rank

Hello I’m just wondering the requirements for the yt rank cause I have over 700 subs. Please and thank you :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is a YouTube rank for The Hive?

Hope this helps you!

It says there’s no requirements for the rank at them time. You’ll just have to wait until they update the page so it does have the requirements. What’s the link to your YouTube channel btw? I wanna sub to it.


We’re currently finalizing our partner program and we will announce more details when we open applications and have a set of requirements. Keep an eye on our official social channels, as well as Discord! :eyes:

Hope this helps!


Ok Thankk You So Much!

I hope I can yt rank at some point, really want to nick

Hey i have 72 subscribers but i want the youtube rank how can i get it?

You can apply here but I’m pretty sure 72 subscribers is not enough

It says page not found heeellppp

I fixed it, now it should work @ThatGreenDino22

Ok i submitted my apply form now soon they should send me something

sorry for the minor bump

You need 3,000 average views, you sure you can?