How to get unbanned on tresure wars

help please i almost to get level 27 pls help can you respond

a moderator might be able to help you here :)

Hey! Please kindly visit this website here. There, you will be given instructions on how to appeal and get the required assistance.


Hey Azzerzxy, quick question, can you get banned for bug exploiting and accidental use of bugs? ( idk if bug exploiting and accidents are the same so uhh correct me if im wrong )

It depends slightly on each individual case I’d say. Intentionally exploiting bugs / glitches can risk you into getting punishments, yes. If you do happen to accidentally come across an exploit or bug, I’d recommend to report it so it can be looked into and not use it to gain unfair advantages :slight_smile:

Oh ok, now I get it. Thank you for the answer :DD


I meant unfair advantage as in using bugs / exploits. If you have any further questions please contact support by emailing them at [email protected] or visit the support site here.

For future reference, please do not use inappropriate abbreviations. More information about PBMM can be found here.