How to get good at skywars?

For years I’ve been a casual sw player on other servers, but when Hive just released sw on their server, I’ve been playing it every free second I have but I always have troubles with the more experienced players. I’m on Windows ten btw. Any recommendations to get better?

If you don’t have a party just solo queue squads, you’ll get more xp and the players are usually worse so you’ll win more often in solos
Try to mine as much redstone as possible, so you have the maximum health you can,
Take advantage of pearls, and also play aggressive
Also try to rush teams like really early, that helps alot

Hopefully this helps


Practice, and maybe find some friends to play with. I used to suck at skywars but I think I improved greatly. I usually play with friends so I won’t get completely demolished, they’re kinda like someone to hold your hand along the way. As tgt said, play solos. People are usually worse, except the occasional tryhards.

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Just play more and you’ll get better over time.

Practice and try to circles strafe around your opponent to get behind them and hit them a few time before they turn around again

circle strafing only works on bots

i would reveal some of my secrets but i don’t want everybody on this server to start using my OP pvp strategies lol

Not true, I’ve circle strafed some decent players.


Your strategy is using blatant killaura and bhop, hence your name :slight_smile: