How to defeat a hacker

Hello everyone!

Hackers are very annoying but most of them are also realy stupid which gave me the chance to find good ways on how to outsmart them. And yes I am a level 100 tw player (IGN:xD4RKq BT) so you can trust me

1 kill aura-let’s start with the most annoying hack. Kill aura hackers are almost unbeatable in meele combat but I can’t say same about ranged combat. So a bow is going to be your best friend when fighting a hacker.

2 Nuker-yeah nuker… Just spam blocks under you and since a hackers brain is not quite big he will probably get confused and that gives you time to kill him.

3 scaffoald-scaffoald hackers should be ignored because scaffold is a meme hack that only ppl use who can’t jump bridge

4 Fly-even the animal is less annoying. But fly hackers can be taken on the easy side cuz the anti cheat will get them at like 5+ seconds of flying xD

5 autoclicker-I can only say “cps isn’t everything” to this. Just learn strafing and most
autoclickers should be easy

6 aim bot-baseacly weaker kill aura. Just use a bow again

7 bhop-too lazy to strafe. A good aim is going to save your life because behopping is a hack that allows the user to jump left and right. Meele fights are a smart idea if your decent at aiming but using a bow is best.

8 speed-fly but on the ground. Same as fly the anti cheat is going to get these hackers

9 reach-why does this even exist? Same as kill aura and aim bot, use a bow

10 yeah ehmm…hmm…I don’t realy know more hacks than this…

So this is usually the point where I say bye but I wanna say something before that…
Pls do not use any kind of hack client or other 3rd party advantages…
So if you have a friend that hacks or even yourself then pls just stop, you are ruining the fun of many ppl.

Anyway byeee!


Soo basically use a bow i guess ?
but what about anti knocback?

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Anti Kb is a hack that can also be dealt with using a bow or a sword… Depends…

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if they have anti kb it’s easy to drop them because if they are running away you can hit them in the back.
if you can get them low and then engage in a melee fight and have the health advantage, if they start running away you can hit them in the back and kill them



So u r basically a backstabber hahaha I’m so funny xddd (ik that was trash)

All you have to do is avoid fights and get stacked. If they have reach get your back against the wall

Kinda true but a kill aura or aim bot hacker can easealy keep away from them so meele combat is bad in that situation

It is, but it’s safer.

In a nutshell: use a bow or die

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anti-kb ppl usually dont jump so block traping go brrrr

Ik but bows r the best way of getting rid of them

You’re obviously bad at the game

To defeat a hacker, you must have your friends list composed of 50% staff members and then go ping/call them whenever someone’s hacking

Example: “@M0derator, this one right here officer”

Then it’s guaranteed that you win the game and the ones afterwards because a staff member will play with you and they’re automatically good at the game because they’re staff



I know you’re joking around and I honestly got a good laugh out of it. But, if you have even one staff member as a friend, the staff member would most likely ban the hacker from the server anyway. Still, nice joke!

I usually just run away and block off passages to slow down the hacker a little and try to snipe them with a bow.

Most staff isn’t alowed to have ppl in FL…
Only close friends of the owners

Great idea slowing them down as much as u can

seems fully legit, as i have 2 mods on my friends list.
yeah no bud not true

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MOST staff isn’t allowed

where is the proof of that?

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Ha, lets [honk]ing screw this post over in a simple explanation.

First, the Anticheat is complete trash so people can destroy the anticheat.
Second, don’t underestimate the power of hacked clients, they will be able to TP to you and also zoom at you.
Lastly, Please take the time to see the staff rules because they’re allowed to friend people.