How to beat a laggy player

Every time I encounter a laggy player I always lose pls help me


Get good armor and just hit them a lot.

im a laggy player :sunglasses:



Not really much experienced since, I am the one who is generally laggy, but I would suggest running far from them and try to block trap them.

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Very helpful guys


Wait for them to walk off the map cause of lag.

lag harder

Well.….hmm what I would do is wait for them to get closer to me so I can reach them and hit them a lot while lagging <3

^^ but yes probably just better armor…so that if they get a lot of hits on you, you dont die

Hope and pray you win, laggy players are really unpredictable
Also try using projectiles. i’d say the best method of winning is to try avoiding direct contact as much as you can

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