How the hive won’t die

Hi. (Long post)

When I was thinking of buying the cubee for $33 (shipping included) i was thinking of its longevity and for how long the hive will stay important to me. After thinking for a while here is my post of what i thought.

1: The Hive has the potential to keep players interested in it for a longer time that a game like fortnite can. This is because the selection of games . I started the hive with deathrun then JB then skywars then treasure wars and now finally back to skywars. This means that if i get bored of one game i can switch to the next one. This is why alot of YouTubers are quitting. Because their specific game on what their audience are built on are getting boring for them. This is why YouTubers like Plushie Jakester and Dannyisthabomb is still going strong. The Hive has said that they will release games Like Mixed Arcade this/next year (depending on timezones.)

2 : One of the reasons Cubecraft is currently more popular than the hive is because they have games that the hive doesn’t have like Capture the flag,Bridge,Duels ect. Players are forced to go over to cubecraft if they want to play these games. So I believe that hive should seriously start focusing on releasing more games in 2020 (They have said they will do this)

3: Seasonal Content updates are important.
Every time a content update comes out players will play the game a bit to see what changed.
This obviously brings players back but also keeps players interested. These updates can be the size of treasure wars one back in the halloween update spree. One main problem with that update though was the fact that it did not really changed the way players played and mostly affected the sweats with prestige. So here are a few of my own suggestions for some of the content updates that the hive can do in the future:
(These are my opinions)


  • World edit like the one on hypixel (paint brush)
    -Topic voting system


  • a way to revive teammates
    -Crumbling cobblestone
    -more levels

-New traps that can be dogged like the log.
-More levels
-Redoing old maps making them play like the new ones.

-(maybe: Combine kits and Normal)
-More passive healing :

Passive healing

Passive healing is like the campfire from sg. It wont be used in the middle of a fight like the spell of life but in between fights or when you are a distance away from your opponent

-Spel of leaping from Royale
-New kits

When a new Content update has released the hive should advertise it on the featured server list to try and grab potential players attention e.g.

Just Build UPDATE
JB- Paint Brush

The hive should continue to make new content to keep players interested.

So what do you guys think?


I do agree, I think hive will never die, well I can also say Minecraft won’t die, i mean I have hive in my skin, and I’m probably keeping that skin forever, so I’ll never forget, and never quit, when you get stuck in the hives influence it’s hard to leave, because you don’t want to usually

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I hate to ruin the vibe here but is this a suggestions thread or a discussion thread


MC wont die bc of the constant flow of new updates

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Ngl I actually like some kf these ideas such as the world edit for JB and better ways to heal in SW. However, I kinda disagree with the ones for SG. Trios/Squads kinda go against the whole “12 districts” rule that SG has but if done right, it could work. I also heavily disagree with crumbling cobblestone as it would just increase the amount of runners and hiders, and would make the game a lot less fun. However, I do agree with the fact that SG is ripe for more levels.

Overall, I like most of these ideas. However, as others said, they should probably be put in as suggestions instead of a hive discussion post.

No, please no,
This wouldn’t work anyway.
Most players leave the game upon death.


I bet u it will close due to dupe

If it works like fortnite where you have to revive them in like one minute then it would be fair. It smostly for partyies

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I’m pretty sure that’s in a lot of fps games and judging how the Voider kit fared in sw, this would just be annoying

JB is a dead game bro
We need more games like sky block, mixed arcade/ arcade games/ party games and duels.

It doesn’t take a lot to switch maps every 3 weeks, from what I know Hive has 2-3 builders and it shouldn’t be difficult to make new maps for tw and sw at least

No it is not

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Yeah let’s not turn the hive into fortnite


Ok suppose they add this.
Who is going to stick around for a minute? No one I know would even be there for 10 seconds. It’s just not going to work.

why would hive even need to do this, like not being able to play on your favorite map for 3 weeks wouldnt be really fun

hive actually has 8 builders

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It shows activity on the server’s side, right now im not really enjoying the same maps over and over again

Its kinda forbparties bc if i die early game that i have to wait for a long tine for my friend to win

idk but i wasnt playing the hive anymore bc its boring to play freakin alone


Now as much as I agree with these points and how they could be cool I think the hive should just focus on getting all there old java gamemodes back because if they did it tons of old hive fans would come to bedrock to play those old gamemodes again but the hive likes to forget there java past sadly. Unlike cubecraft or heck even mineplex.

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I totally agree. A pvp game like Batterydash or Cowbois vs Indians will be a option for more casual players. I don’t like to play solo anymore tbh