How the hive could beat cubecraft

So you probably already know that the hive is at its lowest point it’s been since server release like seriously now most of the threads in this topic is about how the hive is dying and I just want to talk about how the hive can easily fix that.

Well first we need to talk about how cubecraft is beating the hive by a long shot like seriously 10k players more than the hive especially after two updates that really made the hive community question why they are playing on the server.

  1. As regions on cubecraft made a lot of hive users go to cubecraft because they were bored of the server

  2. Eggwars update brung old and new players to the server literally carrying about around a large chunk of the playerbase like server the game mode is so big you could fit in every featured servers player count except the hive ofc.

But there more the lack of meaningful updates and the removal of swarms being coming soon on the roadmap has lead hive YouTubers like cranex (sorry if I miss spelt it) making a YouTube video on how ether hive is boring and as well as bother YouTubers following on now there has been some good news like how the hive said they will start making more pernemate content but pets and well mixed arcade witch has tbh been hinted for way to long as not ltm content is fine but like that definitely doesn’t seem like that would beat cubecrafts player count and even did it just wouldn’t be for that long but I have been talking about what the hive has been falling at but you probably clicked or pressed on this thread to see what the solution is well here’s the solution.

Just add all your old Java games back it really isn’t that hard like seriously tons of old Java players would come back to the server having a massive boost in player’s and also add duels in an original way and also updates your non pvp gamemodes because a lot of the playerbase come from there.

Anyways that’s just what I think would help the hive but idk is there anything I missed but overall just have a good time playing on the server no one is stopping you.

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There going to be that one person that says this literally just talks about how cubecraft is beating the hive more that it talks about how to fix it and I will just be like fun fact idc. Not with any hate.

did u even read this

imo i think the arcade would be how hive can beat cubecraft


Well just did and really it doesn’t really show any really good updates that would help the server.

hive is working on permanent content, not more ltms


Oops must have been a typo remember I typed this on a phone :pleading_face:

Mixed arcade will help the server massively - there’s a huge community interested in playing casual games which is probably one of the reason cc pulls more players daily than hive right now.


No the main reason why cc pulls more players than the hive it’s pvp community seriously they have got pvp for everything want a duels experience witch is kinda laggy but who cares battle arena want a bedwars like gamemode eggwars want a basic or mabey hive not really like skyways lucky blocks and skywars or just want to get carried by any team blockwars or want a sg experience well sg like idk what the say the hive just lacks and I think cubecraft has the biggest pvp community and I think the hive should focus on non pvp gamemodes like mixed arcade.

i think thats what hive is doing

Ok well then that was a bad way is saying it I guess

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It kind of is
They can’t just copy and paste splegg file from the Java folder to the Bedrock folder lol. Plus, the Java games were very, uhm, vanilla. It’s not what the Hive is now, as they have improved massively, even though it’s the same idea, it would take bunch of time for new maps some revamped or upgraded features and stuff

After all, it’s not really a competition Hive ftw tho /j , and the important part is that you individually find it fun… a few new games is not gonna make 10 thousand players change their mind, what Hive hopefully have in minds is growing and bringing new players in, but not to beat Cubecraft, but to enrich the community


Dude I think this should be how I should summarise this topic tbh

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I agree that there are things the hive should change. However the two things cubecraft is best at (update frequency and a more traditional server approach), aren’t things the hive can fix easily.

Also I don’t believe the hive should attempt to get a higher player count than cubecraft, I personally think galaxite is the best bedrock minecraft featured server and the only reason I’m concerned about player count there is that it is so low that it can affect game quality, and could lead to the server not being able to make a profit.

I don’t know anything about hive’s finances, but I’d assume they do just fine, and the player count is plenty high enough to where game quality being affected by low queues is not a issue.