How Not To Get Bored When Grinding To Level 100

If you’ve ever tried to grind out levels on Murder Mystery, you’ve probably felt that it takes ages to level up once you start becoming high enough. Despite all the playing strategies and techniques people may suggest you use, it still takes an unearthly amount of hours to reach max level. With that being said, boredom while playing can become an issue on higher levels, sometimes even discouraging people to continue. Murder Mystery is a naturally repetitive game, so it is understandable if you start to feel tired of it after a bit.

But fear not! Today, I will be sharing some of my tips and advice to help keep you from being bored out of your mind when trying to get that Police Costume.

Please also note that it is healthy to take breaks from the game itself every once in a while. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Doing Quests While Playing
    With the addition of quests, you’ll be able to work simultaneously to both level up in-game, as well as collect Quest Points to spend at your will. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a current item in the Monthly Quest Store, or if you’re just interested in saving them up for the next items the following month, doing quests while playing MM can certainly make your time feel more rewarding. Unfortunately, quests weren’t around at the time when I and a good number of others achieved max level, so this option is simply an addition to the following recommendations that I myself have used.

  • Talking With Your Friends
    Even if you’re not playing with them, talking to your friends via voice chat is a great way to help you relax and have a little more fun while playing. When talking with people, your mind is able to relax from the game and can loosen up the overall atmosphere of any stressful games you encounter.

  • Listening To Music
    Sometimes there might not be anyone else online to chat with, or perhaps you might just want to play alone. Whatever the reason may be, a good way to keep yourself occupied when playing solo is by chilling to some background music of your choice. This way, you won’t be sitting in utter silence (apart from the jingle when you collect coins and when the murderer gets a kill). I personally think this is the best way to not become bored when playing for extended sessions.

  • Playing Around With Texture Packs/Shaders
    The final suggestion I have for you guys is to play around with new texture packs/shaders you can find online. Maybe you’re getting tired of the classic Minecraft look? Or perhaps you’re just looking for something to set the atmosphere of the game? By trying out different resource packs, you’ll be able to experiment with different looks, seeing which accommodations best suit you. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a unique texture pack you use for a while.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this post! Hopefully you take these suggestions into consideration

I’ve attached a chart below with the specific xp requirements it takes to progress to each level. You can compare this to your in-game xp statistics in the MM lobby.
Good luck for anyone trying to max this gamemode, and don’t give up! :smile:


I am currently level 76 in Murder, and these are great ideas, as I have gotten very bored with it!
EDIT: Now I’m 97 and basically done.

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Something I used for dr, you can go into safari, pull up a yt video, and then if you go to fullscreen in the yt video in safari you can then make it small on the screen and basically watch yt videos while playing hive, so thats another way, but these are good strategies to not burn out/burn out slower

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I’m already level 100, but nice guide!

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same.I also watch the videos.:cowboy_hat_face:
I use Opera GX and popup mini youtube screen on minecraft.:tv:
you can watch any favorite youtube videos during running.

GX has configuration of CPU and memory limiter. it does not consume the minecraft performance even my poor laptop.

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Just listen to Spotify while playing, it does help a lot, I know you want to get all those cosmetics or “I look pro” thingy, but THINK… you’ll get bored and have nothing to do when u’re max; unless someone really care about leaderboard THING.

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