How many stars would you give hive and it's mini games? What can be possibly wrong with hive?

**What can be wrong with it? Tell how many stars you will give hive and why. **

I would like to give hive 4 stars as the hive staff team are mostly not online :sweat_smile: So everything other than that all is good.Here is a quick guide

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Diamond armor and not having a weapon when respawning are problems with TW, other games are fine imo.
Even though there are a few unbalanced things, this server has a lot of quality and is the best one on bedrock to me.


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The Hive is easily the best Bedrock server right now! Its optimized, polished, smooth, has amazing map design, has really nice looking custom models, and is overall better than the other servers! However, I have one complaint! The anticheat in The Hive right now is bad! I mean, I don’t really see hackers, but when I do, I don’t really see them getting banned! Not only that, but there is no convenient way to report them either! However, they are working on it, which is good!

My rating: 4.25/5


I would give it 4.9/5 because it’s lag free, has amazing game design, custom models, unlocks, levels.
I don’t give 5/5 because of the 1.13 bug (I know it’s not Hive’s fault), weak anticheat and DIAMOND ARMOUR AND BOWSPAM IN TW


Probably gonna get rekt or something, but like 4.5/5 or 9/10, they still have issues, but are constantly working to fix them unlike a few months ago where I feel as if they stuck their heads in the sand a bit and kinda did next to nothing.