How long will Block Drop last?

So I was just wondering how long Block Drop will last so I know how much I need to grind for max level. Also maybe I could go of how long Ground Wars lasted last year if anyone knows that.

Most likely a month or two, based off of ground wars from last year.


Oh wow that’s much longer than I thought well thanks very much!

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It’s more likely to stay 3 months than 2 or 1 month
Especially since it not related to Easter in anyway
And they’re making patches to it, such as discussions on the game about fixing Glitches, XP system, and other stuff

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Hello @SillyCrazyMan08,

There is no certain amount of time of how long the Block Drop will last, as it is a LTM. But I suggest you play it while you can before it gets removed. Have fun playing!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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hive says it will be atleast two weeks, but hopefully longer based on community feedback.

Wait 2 weeks?, how am I gonna max out :cry:

just pull like 10 all nighters and you should be good to go

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at the bare minimum, two weeks, likely more

Well ill have to do a lot of grinding then

they said there was no set timeframe, it is based off of community feedback, but it won’t be less than 2 weeks likely

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