How long is your daily login streak?

rip stick I feel bad now

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Im on 429 day login streak and milestone is to get 500 days and ULTIMATE goal is 1000 if posible


Mine is 12 ik not impressive


Congratulations!! :cake:

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Congratulations 500 days is awsome its my milestone to get before 1000

I just lost my login streak today due not me forgetting to login last nigh when i was doing school work, but i was on my 386th day.

It’s sad, but it’s my fault. Time for a fresh start

You have time owl?

I’m at 34 right now

So I was almost gonna get time owl then I got banned so… :sob: :sob:
anyway my current login streak is 32

I’m on 10. Got reset at 80.

I have a 142 day login streak😄

i have a 17 login streak lost it :sob: :sob: