How do you start scrims?

I have tried asking people in the hub but idk if there’s a place you can make them?

I joined a clan on discord, but there will likely be skill requirements that you will have to meet.

Basically you have to join a scrims discord server, then you can just ask any questions in there because I haven’t ever actually been in one I dont really know how you would start one .

there’s a scrim server for every region. they all work the same.

you join the server, join the vc which will probably be labeled as “4v4 queue” or smth. wait for another vc and your vc to fill up, then get in a cs with those players.

if you’re in a preset team then you don’t need to wait for them to fill up.

if you’re doing actual clan vs clan, then join cvc.

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As said above, you would have to join a scrims discord server in order to do scrims. There will likely be some requirements.

Scrims is basically Clan vs Clan.