How do you join Treasure Wars Sumo?

I’ve seen a lot of people basically dueling in treasure wars by playing some sort of sumo like game, however I have no idea how to join one of these, is there a community for it? Some discord for them? Or are they just hosted randomly with friends?

Hello! Welcome to the forums! Sumos can be created in something called custom servers. This can be made by if you write the command “/cs” in chat or go to one of the NPCs in the hub and you will find a button for custom servers at the bottom. Then you can invite anyone to duel/sumo with you. If you want to sumo or duel with other people you dont know you can join the HIVE discord or just talking to someone in the hub. If you want to play with friends then you just invite. I hope I helped you!

EDIT: Also if you’re invited to a custom server invite you do the command and select “Invites” there you would directly join in the person’s custom server. There is also some communities that hold hive sumos. Hive Offical Sumo server is one, Ill see if I can send an links to the Hive’s discord and the Sumo Discord :))

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Woah thanks alot man! Helped a ton!

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