How do you guys put the unicodes

Hi, So im wondering how u guys put the custom unicodes on the top right of the screen. Im trying to make a mana system in my world and im using the hive custom unicode instead of putting it in the actionbar i want it to be bottom left of the screen

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Welcome to the forums! Unfortunately, The Hive has not released the unicodes for use outside the server, for now you probably need to wait or just ask the mods for help

Also please put this in #help-me


What you’d need to do is both use custom emojis(see how here, note that it requires getting the game files), and edit the json ui to change where the actionbar’s text is shown.

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I think in this case the hive ui isnt a retextured actionbar, its a retextured sidebar. I know this because once for some reason my hive ui wasnt loading and instead it showed the sidebar.

ah. I mean, it doesn’t really matter, it’s just that sidebars seem to be harder to mess with