How do people average 6 kills per game

do people spawnkill or go for kills in this game

what gamemode? also 6 kills average is ez in sw and tw and sg


in sw i get only 2 kills and im in 2 place

tw, do people exterminate all the nons in the team before killing the treasure and then the nons again

6 kills is easy to get in at least a squads game just trying to take a treasure and fight a team and dealing with them re spawning should give you about 6 kills give or take a couple but that’s a little hard for newer players or players who don’t typically go after treasures by there self, it just takes practice and I recommend actually going for treasures with a sword, pickaxe and axe, a lot of newer players don’t and one can’t break through the wood or concrete fast enough before they get hit or killed or two can’t fight back against players that don’t even have a sword or tools so they could try and break a treasure. I also recommend rushing the other teams so they ether don’t have any protection on there treasure or they just have wool, you should just buy blocks as soon as possible and ether bridge to the other team if your playing on cyberspace or tropical and go to middle if your playing on any other map then wait until another team bridges to middle also and take there bridge to swipe there treasure. This is for squads and trios btw


i think its pretty easy in sg, sw(a bit harder), and tw(very easy).

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Yeah. It’s pretty easy for me. I usually get just about 7 final kills in a squad game and that’s only finals

Spawn killing is bannable so I suggest you to not do this method :slight_smile:

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I can get like 15 kills without spawnkilling

Dang u writing a whole essay

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You’re right! Shouldn’t have been careless with my words lmaooo.

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Wdym I dunno hehe uwu

I usually go for kills after I kill the person/people(depends on what game mode) next to me so they won’t get my treasure then I would go for kills.

Nah don’t worry about it. I’m just joking, although, you may wanna cut your “essays” back a little :joy::joy:

finally. He was getting annoying imo

I get around 6-8 kills a solo TW game. I rush the person next to me. Usually have to kill em twice. Then I rush everyone else and have to kill em once. Usually im not in games with sweats. If I am then yea no. I don’t win

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