How do I report a player?

I have evidence of a hacker in Hide and Seek of all games and I’d like to report, but I’m not sure where to do this. Any help?

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You can report players that break rules in the Forums(by PMing Mods/Helpers) or by the Discord server of The Hive in the report player section :slight_smile:

You can usually report the hacker by using the /replay command and then it will show the hackers ID following the command. Be sure to send a screenshot of evidence and the ID to the hive moderators. You may also use the report item (if any) in the item bar.


Doing /replay will give you a unique code for the game (which currently is only for treasure wars and sky wars). Screenshot the code and send it in the report section in the hive discord. you can also dm a moderator on the forums.

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Alright, thank you all!