How do I get visible custom capes and a cat on my avatar?

How did this player get a visible custom cape and a 3D cat on their skin?



Cats come with the skin which is a 4D skin, for more information on 4D skins look into Hive Models or on YouTube.
I myself am not an expert on capes and 4D skins, for more info on these “perks” look on YouTube or look it up!
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like @xztreemnz said watch YouTube video you’ll get a lot of info there and they will show you how to get them !! if you have any questions like that just look it up on youtube most of the time theres a video/tutorial how to do it have a good day :cubee: also, there a post on here about capes already and there are some cool capes so if you’re looking for some here is the link 10 custom capes - Hive Discussion / Community Creations - The Hive Forums (

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you can get custom capes by a persona skin pack if you want custom capes you can watch this tutorial How To Get CUSTOM CAPES In Minecraft Bedrock Edition (1.17 & 1.18) - YouTube

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