How Do I Get Custom Capes?

When 1.16 released,@ItzOasis’s cape method broke and i want my cape back, does anyone know how?

If you’re on Windows 10 (or Android) this method should work:

It’s somewhat similar to the 1.14 method but uses the persona folder instead of the vanilla folder. For me the first part didn’t work so I had to use his second Win10 method of making a new persona folder and using IOBit to move it where the original was before copying the right files in afterwards.


the first part didnt work for me too

@thanpixel pls state which method u used

did it, but its “loading”

You probably didn’t follow the steps correctly.

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ye i didnt…

i uninstalled mc ( i lost my worlds but i didnt play any of them) and re installed, im currently doing the 2nd method rn

Thought you’d like to know, this belongs in #off-topic because #help-me is for the server.

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Are you playing on mcpe?

no, have u ever seen my bio?



Oh…but it looks like you’re playing on pe

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use the bypass its fixes the loading issue go to BionicBen

If you use a bypass if it saids duplicate pack if the skin menu loads its fine

@Simartar if that doesent work use this method this is alone methods

Can other people see this when you join servers even though they didn’t do the method?

yes They can see capes ( Not in all servers) but If you use this resource pack No one’s going to be able to watch it Animated Cosmetics | Minecraft PE Texture Packs

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