How do I get certain items that aren't unlockable by leveling up (Ex. Creeper Treasure, Cop Car Treasure, etc.)

There are certain items I see in game and I dont see them in the locker, like the creeper treasure and the halo hat in hide and seek. Is there any way I can get these?

Purchasing the Holiday Bundle.

I was gifted one and got access to them. Be sure to get it quick before it’s removed since it’s not christmas anymore and Santa should go back to his home.


I am willing to bet that it will be staying till winter next year


If that’s the case, I would move it over to the left and make a snowy/christmassy area by it, kinda like the Pirate’s Fortune thing.


It’s a joke (or at least I hope it is xD)

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I did not meant it to be a joke

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No, my reply is though

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Closing this thread as the question has already been answered :+1: