How Do I Get a Giveaway Approved?

Okay I’m a little bit confused on this, Splodger made topic saying that you had to contact him in order to get a Giveaway Approved but I heard some people say you could just post the Giveaway and a Mod will eventually approve it. I tried searching for other topics that ask this but I couldn’t find any. I Have Plans of Doing a Giveaway, I just want to do it the right way, could somebody clear this up for me

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I would just dm @Hlzyzptlk or @maybeSheila after you have posted your thing that needs approval asking her to take a look at it :DD


This thread should tell you everything you need to know


im kinda confused on this too
like i made a contest, and it got rejected. i dont know what i did, splodger never responded.
than i asked him if i could host another, again no response. ive kinda given up, splodger doesnt like me ig

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That’s The Thread I was Talking About, Splodger Currently has his Dm’s Disabled on Discord, so I’m going to do what Pleebs says, try to talk to holly or sheila and go from there

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It says you can dm him on the forums, so I would go ahead and try that first


There We Go I Sent Him A Message, I’m hoping to do this giveaway at-least the 27th


You can just post to the category and one of us will look over it and approve it, no need to contact Splodger beforehand



Btw your Welcome to Lock this @AniKitten

Also Thankyou to all of the other people who tried helping me out

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