How can I get a cape

I have wanted to get a cape for such a long time but all the tutorials only work if you have a pc andriod or ios. But all I have is a nintendo switch is there anyway I could get my own cape other than pancake cape and founders cape?
Or maybe skins that cost minecoins but have capes but freferably my own cape.

Pancape and Founders’ cape are the basically the only capes you can get.
I believe there are some discontinued skin packs that came with a cape a while back but i’m not sure.
There will probably be some capes that come out in the future though.


The way I got a cape is go to customize skin menu and go to the last tab then that’s where you pick

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thx but i said other than pancake and founders

I believe there is no way to get a custom cape on console, and you aren’t supposed to get it elsewhere either.

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welp thas just sad but is there any skins with a cape

Maybe Google Or USB?
Switch Has Google

Also, Put this to #help-me

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nah it’s impossible on console, you literally have to manually extract the game files to your computer to your switch which is a hell to do.


well I know that there are skins on the market place with capes do you guys know any

Xbox it’s essayer.

20 charaters

The Ender dragon skin has wings cape.
One year skin pack.